If you believe a child is in immediate danger call Police on 111. If you're concerned about a child call Oranga Tamariki on 0508 326 459

About Us

Our Vision

All children have the inalienable right to grow up in safe, stable, nurturing families and communities.

Our Mission

To educate and assist parents and caregivers in the nurturing of children.

Our History

In 2012 a group of teachers, parents and social workers concerned about sexual abuse of children, met together in Green Bay, West Auckland to see what they could do to help in the communities they lived and worked in. Their getting together was also partially in response to a New Zealand Herald article stating that millions of dollars were being spent on sexual abuse, and it was not reaching the man in the street. From that initial group a committee was formed under the original name, ‘Lets Talk About It’, and registered as an incorporated society, November 2012.

They decided their focus would be on raising awareness and projects to help prevent child sexual abuse. They realised that the only way to reach ‘the man in the street’, was to go to the community rather than expect people to come to a formal programme in a hall.

A board of trustees was formed in 2014, which freed the committee to continue to be actively involved in the community. They were to be the ‘arms and legs on the ground’, the registered name was changed to Child Abuse Prevention Foundation in September 2015, when the Trustees voted to enlarge the scope of their purpose to include all types of child abuse.

The committee grew and members were actively involved in speaking to people at community gatherings such as markets and school galas, taking part in an anti-violence march and placing posters in shop windows.

From our beginnings in West Auckland we have expanded our network to parts of South Auckland. Child Abuse Prevention Foundation Foundation began a presence at the Otara Market and developed a good and respectable relationship with the local community workers there. In 2017 we were pleased to support the inaugural Christmas Present Drop project in Otara and in 2018 took over the event.

In 2018 the Board refocused its energy to educating parents and caregivers of children. In particular, it wanted to influence change by directing education at new     "parents-to-be".  By targeting this group of people the aim is to educate parents to be more aware of their roles and responsibilities as a parent of a child.  To provide simple effective tools and support that would help shape their daily practices for their own and their child's safety and wellbeing.

Our focus has always been the awareness and prevention of child abuse. We have developed links with other organisations of a similar nature, so that when cases are brought to us that need specialised help we refer them to the appropriate agency or organisation. We are always looking for like minded people to assist our aims and or to become more active as a board member.

How we help

  • Helping all NZ communities find ways to talk about abuse. In ways that support all New Zealanders and keep our children safe.
  • Bring abuse out of hiding that ends the silence and secrets. To help victims stand up and speak up. Abuse is not okay!
  • Promoting positive communication that prevents abuse, that doesn’t target particular people who harm children.
  • Publishing and distribute pamphlets that educate our communities.
  • Cooperating with communities to encourage safe homes’ and ‘safe ways’ to bring intensive publicity countering concerns.
  • Referring victims who contact us to qualified agencies.

Support us in preventing child abuse

Because all children deserve to have big smiles on their face